At Durham Pelvic Health our mission is that everyone should  experience normal pelvic health regardless of age, gender, number of pregnancies, hormonal changes or other issues and to have an active and healthy lifestyle.


1 in 4 women are incontinent.
1 in 9 men are incontinent.
1 in 6 children under the age of 17 struggle with incontinence.

Only 1 in 12 people seek out treatment because they are embarrassed to talk about it, or don’t know that help is available

42% of women have urine incontinence during pregnancy

38% of women have urine incontinence post-partum (kari Bo, Siv Morkved 2000)

29% of women have fecal incontinence post-partum (Guise et al. 2007)

To get started on pelvic health physiotherapy:

If you live in the Durham Region, contact us  at 905-987-4533 at any of the 4 locations to schedule an appointment with our pelvic physiotherapists.

Interested in hosting an educational opportunity at your facility?

To inquire about presentations or seminars on pelvic rehab topics, please contact us directly at durhampelvichealth@gmail.com or by calling us at 905-987-4533.